Friday, June 30

USA Voting


Apparently, the Trump wants state voting rolls - details, names and voting history.

People are assuming that this is at the citizen level but given the level of laziness in most discussions I have no clue if that is correct.

But this got me to doing a little research on the history of voting and what the constitution says about it. Turns out that the constitution says nothing about how citizens vote. It's all about how the electors vote.

But, also, how the electors are supposed to vote has little to do with how citizens vote.

My reading of the constitutional voting process goes like this:

Given a list of candidates, the electors go through each pair of them and each elector chooses one over the other. Note that this becomes exponentially time consuming if the ballot is large.

Then, if there are ties, Congress chooses from the "top five". (Note the Senate, though - just the house.)

Do they do this? Probably. I'm not actually sure though...