Monday, October 20

war and iraq

"It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it."  (Douglas MacArthur)

I have a problem, though, when I read our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq, I see only two ways to win:
  1. Stay there forever
  2. Completely destroy the country
Our rhetoric, and our budget, [and, idealistically, our common sense] says that we will not be doing either of these.

We seem to have defined our victory condition based on the presence and actions of an ambiguous and unquantifiable group of people with lots of them located outside the country where the fighting occurs.

Rock on... :/

(Nevertheless this whole "surge is working" thing suggests that maybe someone does have an idea of how to win this war, and that the problem is more in how the victory conditions are described rather than anything else.  I dunno, though.  War sucks.)

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